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Depression Free Solutions is a 7 Module course that teaches you how to have healing and breakthrough thinking. This class is designed to help you become all you were meant to be. Get ready to learn hidden keys that will help catapult you into a new place of freedom and possibility!

Module 1

Overcoming Depression.

Are you overwhelmed by continual sadness, fear and loneliness?

Do you feel drained and fatigued? Do you feel like giving up because there seems to be no end to your inner pain? Well, your answer is here! As you take this class, you will be empowered, as you discover that there is a solution for your pain!


Module 2

Winning over Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Thousands of people are silently struggling every day with anxiety and panic attacks. Do you feel trapped in fear, and wonder when the next panic attack will be? In this class, you will learn time tested principles that thousands of others have used to rise above these anxious thoughts.  

Get ready to discover how you were born to have love, faith and hope, not fear! Sign up today and get ready for big changes in your life!

Module 3

Repairing Your Inner World

Have you spent money to fix things on the outside, but still feel frustrated?

That’s because your outer world is a manifestation of your inner world. 

In this module, you will learn keys that will teach you how to fix things on the inside. This is because when your heart and mind change, life will become beautiful on the outside!


Module 4

Winning the Loneliness Battle. 

Loneliness is real, and so many people struggle with it. You don't need to be ashamed of it. I still remember the silent years when these negative emotions had the best of me. But today, I am free, and you can be free also. You can begin to experience the joy and excitement that awaits you, as you discover the beautiful you! You will learn that you don’t need someone else to fulfil you, because it starts from within. You don’t want to miss this class!


Module 5

Developing a Freedom Mindset 

Do you want to learn how to have a winning mindset? This is possible because as your mind changes, everything around you will begin to change. Mindset is everything, and as you change your mind, you will see new results! In this class, you will learn how to have a winning mindset, and set a foundation for every good thing in life!


Module 6

Developing New Passions

When your confidence is rekindled, everything around you will begin to bloom. That’s because there’s an excitement that comes when you have new vision, and new inspiration. All of a sudden, you can look at the world through a new lens, because the pain has been healed, and freedom has come.

I am excited to help you discover some of these new passions. There are good things that await you, and I am looking forward to seeing you in this module.


Module 7

Unlocking Your Happiness

Have you been asking yourself if you will ever feel joy again? If so, you have come to the right place! In this Module, I will help you discover how to unlock your happiness. So be encouraged, because it is possible for you to be joyful and happy again! Get accustomed to these emotions, because that is your portion, and your future NOW. Everything may not be perfect, but you deserve to smile and laugh again. It is already inside you, it just needs to be unlocked. And in this class, I will show you ways to do just that! You will be glad you enrolled in this course!


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Special Bonus

The book that is impacting nations!


The greatest thing you can do for yourself, is to take time to find out the gifts and talents you were endowed with, and in so doing, discover why you were born. 

If you have ever dreamed of a better life, How to Reprogram Yourself for Success, will show you how to achieve the extraordinary quality of life you desire and deserve.


If your dream is to overcome setbacks, fear, low self-esteem, sickness or poverty, this book is a must read! 

Everton Weekes teaches the same principles that helped him overcome unspeakable challenges in his own life. Be empowered, as thousands of others have, to create breakthrough and success. In this masterpiece, Everton Weekes explains how to turn your dreams and hopes into a living reality.

Get ready to learn:

  1. How to become great with God.

  2. How to locate and reset your internal thermostat.

  3. Why you were born to win.

  4. The power of your gift.

  5. Why believing in yourself is necessary.

  6. How to overcome hidden fears that are holding you back.

  7. Keys to create your future.

  8. How to influence your environment with your thoughts.

  9. How to redesign, and live the kind of life you desire,

  10. And Much More!


If there's one thing I've learned in life which is that successful people always speak about what they want in life, and where they want to go.


And my friend, it is the same with you. What you say, is what you get. Are you aware that you are the by-product of the words you have spoken yesterday? The good news is you can redesign your life by intentionally speaking, and thinking what you desire to see in the future. This is a game changer.


In this Healing and Freedom Declaration,  

I endeavor to speak words of faith and possibility over your life. Get ready to hear words of faith and life that can help you reshape your future.


In this MP3 series, you will learn ancient principles of how the greats have turned their dreams into reality.

 Learn what Albert Einstein was thinking when he said,  "IMAGINATION IS EVERYTHING. IT IS THE PREVIEW TO LIFE’S COMING ATTRACTIONS.”


Learn how to uproot and recognize self-sabotaging thought patterns of fear, that have been holding you back from the best version of yourself.


Learn why your thoughts are like a camera. They capture the future, and shine the light of God’s potential into your soul. Be mindful of them, because what you see, is what you get. A person who sees, and speaks in line with what they want, cannot be stopped. Get ready to dream on the next level.


Several years ago, I moved to Canada, from my home in Jamaica, and felt all alone. I lost sight of who I was, and no longer had any hope. But when I met Everton Weekes, he spoke life into my dead and hopeless mind, soul and spirit, and said I am a queen. These thoughts helped change me from a hurt, insecure girl into a beautiful woman who takes pride in herself. Now today, I am a wife, mother, and business owner, and am  empowered

to live out all my dreams!

I am confident that the principles Everton teaches you will help you immensely, if you put them to work!

Samantha Wedlund

I can also testify to their validity. This is because over the years, I have gone through situations that felt hopeless. There did not seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

But the healing principals Everton teaches, gave me hope. It was an encouragement to know that the pain, and discouragement, I was experiencing were not a reflection of who I was. He let me know I still had value and worth, because that was not the end of my story. This helped immensely to repair my inner world, and mental state. And over time, as I continued to listen to his teachings, I have been set free. And that is why I am confident that as you apply what you learn in this class, you will also experience freedom and happiness. So, I highly recommend you enroll in Depression Free Solutions!

Vanessa Brewer


“I have known Everton Weekes for over a decade now, and have witnessed firsthand the touch of God upon his life, his wife, and his family. With pure motives and devotion, he lets you know that through God, you can do VALIANTLY! God is not a respecter of persons, and He can do the same with you. Circumstances and pressures can keep you back, if allowed to swallow up your dreams. However, while taking this course, or reading his books, you will discover that it is possible to breakthrough all those negative forces. You can become all you were destined to become!" 

Brad Alford


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